2 thoughts on “CHÈVRE WITH STRAWBERRIES AND CRUMBLED MERINGUES | Or as we say in Sweden, Fredagsmyyys

    1. Hi,

      Glad you like it =)

      Actually, “Fredagsmys” (as should be spelled) is more a modern Swedish term for having a cosy friday, hanging out with your family or friends, and the snacks that go with it. This dish fits perfect in that concept.

      I’ll include a link to Google translate (Swedish) with the word “FREDAGSMYS”. However, Google doesn’t understand this word yet, but if you hit the speak icon at the bottom right of the textbox you should at least hear it being pronounced rather well. I hope the link will be functional. You will probably have to select Swedish for the language to be translated from to get the right voice:
      Google Translate (Swedish-to-English) ‘fredagsmys’

      You can also hear it being pronounced in this comercial using the term “Fredagsmys”:

      Take care,

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