BIRCH OIL | Straight out of Dalarna

Ah! Now that’s fresh mountain-grown birch oil from the hills of Dalarna. Finally, this is a product I’ve been looking for… …well no, but I love it. We pick the leaves from the birch tree and extract the etherial oils that provide a very aromatic flavor of birch. Birch oil is then mixed with a cold-pressed organic canola oil and bottled. Örtagård Öst It tastes spectacular mixed in butter, sprinkled on sallad or pasta, but make sure to apply it just before serving as the etherial birch oil is rather volatile and will disappear quickly if heated. Some people have … Continue reading BIRCH OIL | Straight out of Dalarna

Back to Eden: Hilary Tries Vegan

Originally posted on The Nomad Grad:
Okay, so here’s the deal. I am a meat lover. If I had a dating profile it would read something like, “Single white female. Fond of fried foods, steaks, and lattes.” My friends do not recognize me without a cup of coffee in my hand and do not attempt conversation until I’ve downed some caffeine. Well, you get the picture. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned thus far in my travels, it’s that you have to be ready for anything. The gypsy lifestyle does not cater to preferences or comfort. You learn to… Continue reading Back to Eden: Hilary Tries Vegan

DRY & BRITTLE | Still not friends with wheat and soy

15 Euro per kilo for a dry and brittle veggie sausage. How can processed vegetables become soo expensive. Soy and wheat at two-three times the price of meat products. And why are these alternative non-meat products still soo dry and brittle. Delicious and mouthwatering, nope. There must be a way to prepare great tasting non-meat products at reasonable prices. How else could you ever expect the large masses to buy these products on a regular basis. Continue reading DRY & BRITTLE | Still not friends with wheat and soy

KAFFETÅREN | Breakfast for Champions

• Coffee Grinds • Steam • Pressure Just add music and you can hit the day running :-) Update 2021 This classic machine from Krups served up my coffee perfectly for 15 years until 2016 when I had the opportunity to get a Siemens EQ.9 super automatic, coffee lovers dream machine for a fraction of the market price. My old Krups machine still lives on and every now and then I take for a spin to have a go at that manual espresso making experience with coffee grinds, a heavy metal tamper, and the steam huffin ‘n puffin. Continue reading KAFFETÅREN | Breakfast for Champions

HOT CHOCOLATE & WHIPPED CREAM | All non-dairy, all good

• Cacao Powder • Sugar • Oat milk (ICA Solhavre) • Soy Cream (Alpro) Chocolate from cacao powder, sugar and oat milk was easy peasy. However, whipping the soy cream ain’t no walk in the park. On the other hand, when you have it all down and served up, you know you deserved this treat. ENJOY !!! Continue reading HOT CHOCOLATE & WHIPPED CREAM | All non-dairy, all good