GOOD DAY SUNSHINE – Top of the morning with Siemens

Siemens EQ. 9 serves up your morning, lunch and afternoon coffee just the way you want it. It is the quietest super-automatic espresso machine on the market. The stainless-steel exterior and the large, attractive display make the Siemens EQ. 9 look sleek and classy with a … Continue reading GOOD DAY SUNSHINE – Top of the morning with Siemens

KAFFETÅREN | Breakfast for Champions

• Coffee Grinds • Steam • Pressure Just add music and you can hit the day running :-) Update 2021 This classic machine from Krups served up my coffee perfectly for 15 years until 2016 when I had the opportunity to get a Siemens EQ.9 super automatic, coffee lovers dream machine for a fraction of the market price. My old Krups machine still lives on and every now and then I take for a spin to have a go at that manual espresso making experience with coffee grinds, a heavy metal tamper, and the steam huffin ‘n puffin. Continue reading KAFFETÅREN | Breakfast for Champions