ESCALIER | Delicious and mouthwatering


I mean it’s lunch time, and you have to eat, right, so why not …

• Toast Skagen, with bleak roe from Kalix
• Homemade salsicca and accessories
• Pancakes with whipped cream and ice cream

… and why not have them match these with suitable whines.

I mean, why not?

DRY & BRITTLE | Still not friends with wheat and soy


15 Euro per kilo for a dry and brittle veggie sausage.

How can processed vegetables become soo expensive. Soy and wheat at two-three times the price of meat products.

And why are these alternative non-meat products still soo dry and brittle. Delicious and mouthwatering, nope.

There must be a way to prepare great tasting non-meat products at reasonable prices.

How else could you ever expect the large masses to buy these products on a regular basis.

THREE “STARS” IN THE SKY | Positioned right above My neighbours house


I am in awe before the mighty omen presenting itself on the sky tonight.

There are three bright “stars” positioned right above my neighbours house. Listening in the dead of the night I can hear the faint sound of chimes, and voices, singing peculiar songs that I’ve never heard before.

It is time…